Why We Founded GK York

The reason behind starting GK York was simple. Our company’s investments needed quality property management, and this was lacking in the City of Brantford. We knew that we could provide a reliable solution not only for our investments, but also for the properties of other landlords. Every property requires exceptional management and care to be successful, and we know that this trickles down into an enjoyable and prosperous community as a whole. Nearly 28 years of this vision has been applied across all of our properties throughout southwestern Ontario with abundant success and client satisfaction. We believe this vision is the key foundation of our business, and the bedrock on which we were founded.

Beyond our property management experience, GK York has also invested in the community by working on projects across downtown Brantford. Our founder Gabriel’s most significant project came to fruition in 2007, when he began a complete overhaul of Brantford’s downtown core. The creation of “Harmony Square” revitalized downtown, allowing housing and businesses to flourish. We have also received grants from the government to build affordable housing in the area. At GK York, we are always creating new ways to contribute and give back to our community.

Our story

Originally from Germany, GK York’s founder Gabriel Kirchberger made the decision to move to Canada after falling in love with this country during his many visits. Living in a foreign country, there was one resounding aspect that stood fundamental to Gabriel’s understanding: his passion and knowledge of Real Estate. In 1994, through hard work and determination he opened GK York Management, ultimately turning it into what it is today. For nearly 30 years, Gabriel and GK York have managed and invested in real estate across the province, creating many significant projects along the journey.

While Gabriel incorporated his business into every facet of his life, the time eventually came to pass the torch to his son Niclas. From a young age, Niclas gathered experience in many management roles, accompanying Gabriel across the expansion of his company. Today, Niclas is GK York’s President, and carries the original vision that Gabriel set forth when he established the company.